“Alexa, play Tessa Dancercise Kids”

June is our Animals Unit

Here are the links to our playlist for this month, for Amazon, Apple, and Spotify.

Planet Playground


School Bus Friends Cover

School Bus Friends

School Bus Friends covers our Animals, People & Places, and Occupations Units for this, our Planet Playground Quarter, from June through August. 

Spotlight On Imagination


Under My Umbrella

Under My Umbrella features songs from our recent Spotlight on Imagination quarter, with our monthly units of Musical Instruments (March), Dramatics (April) and Performance (May).

Communication Carnival


Dance It! Cover

School Bus Friends

Dance It! is one of our favorite albums taking us from September through November – our Communication Carnival Quarter – with units in Foreign Language, Sign Language and Manners!

Fitness Fun


Gotta Boogie!

Gotta Boogie! has our starting our three year curriculum again. Gotta Boogie! covers our Fitness Fun Quarter from December to February, with units in Nutrition, Healthy Habits, and Muscles!

Check Out All Of Our MUSIC

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