About Tessa

Who is Tessa?

Tessa has been singing and dancing since she was old enough to walk and talk. A Minnesota native, Tessa founded Dancercise Kids when she was just 17, and has been teaching kids about dance, healthy habits and exercise ever since.

Packed with great lessons on all sorts of parent-approved topics, Tessa’s classes and music help kids to keep strong hearts and healthy minds. Whether it’s manners, nutrition, movement or other positive themes, each song captures kids’ imaginations and imparts an important message.

Tell me about the CD

Tessa’s new CD, Dance It!, includes 15 songs that you’ll love – play them at home, play them in the car, the kids will love them anywhere. There are no rehashed nursery rhymes here, just fun! Dance It! will be available at www.cdbaby.com shortly, and we hope also through iTunes and other digital outlets within a few weeks.

Where can I see Dancercise in action?

Dancercise Kids classes are available at select child care centers throughout the twin cities and through our affiliate in the Chicago suburbs. In addition, we teach Dancercise and other great dance and musical theater classes at our studio in Minnetonka.

What else is Tessa doing?

In addition to live concerts, Tessa is working on some exciting new projects that take the Dancercise theme of keeping kids healthy and active and bring it into  your home. Along with the CD, you can soon expect to see a DVD of Dancercise so your kids can get up and move with Tessa at home,
an activity book to keep those brains ticking, and more music to come over the next few months.

How do I find out more?

We have lots of information at our website, www.dancercise.com, and you can also sign up for our newsletters and alerts so you know when you can see Tessa again. If you like the show and the music, tell the world about us at www.yelp.com, facebook and anywhere else! Or logon to our blog at www.dancercise.com/tessablog and tell us what you think.

Heart & Star!