Dancercise Kids School Camps

Dancercise Kids offers over 45 original themes and concepts for entertaining camps to bring to your school or childcare center, perfect for complementing that summer curriculum or adding some variety to your regular schedule!

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Creative Movement & Dance Fitness Cheerleading
Our most popular camps! A perfect choice for a wide variety for everyone. All camps also include fitness and sign language. So turn up your imaginations and get ready for adventure. Get up and get moving! Let?s learn about our muscles, nutrition, and the 3 things we can do to stay healthy! Who knew Fitness was this Fun? School spirit will soar ! Kids will learn cheers, chants, team dances and they will all get to use pom-poms!
(Not available for Toddlers)
Camps last 30 minutes

Pre-school & School age camps designed for up to 20 kids*

Toddler age camps designed for up to 15 kids*

(*Your staff required in the room to keep us in ratio.)


Camp Themes

We have dozens of themes to choose from to complement your curriculum (click on the title for a list of options), or challenge us to create something new!

Places Animals My Silly Imagination
Celebrate! Special Friends People
Cars, Trucks, Boats and Trains Weather All About Me
When I Grow Up Fitness Fun Cheerleading
All Around the World Greetings friends! Flying on our magic airplane, our adventure “Around the World” stops in Spain, Germany, France, England, Holland, Ireland and more! We will do the “Irish Jig” and as we shimmy through shamrocks and “Dance with the Daffodils”, we will learn how to say hello and goodbye in several languages.
At the Rawhide Ranch Hey Y’all! Calling all cowgirls and cowboys! It’s time to head on down to the “Rawhide Ranch”. Saddle on up, tell your horse giddy-up! We are going to learn a fun country line dance. I’m so happy because “Yippy I’m a Cowboy” riding my horse to town for the local barn dance. Kick up those cowboy boots and get ready to dance!
Granny’s Farm Hi Granny! What makes things grow? Let’s meet the cow, pig, cat and chicken to find out! Mr. Turkey invites us to do the “Funky Turkey” and the “Kitty Cat Pack” will teach us the cat dance. We will learn to sign all of the animals too!
Farmer Joe’s Barn Dance Farmer Joe’s barn dance is the best in town! Grab your partner and swing them around! We can do the “Scarecrow Stretch” with a skip and a do-si-do! Don’t forget your best manners for this party. Miss Pig was “Raised in a Barn” and that is where she learned her fancy manners from. Get ready to “Dance It!”
World of Music Tune into the fun! Music sticks, drums, bells and shakers all sound great as we put together our own music band! We better “Make it Snappy” and get this band in gear. There is a “World of Music” to explore with sounds from nature too. We can even echo, echo-hey is that a “Copy Cat”! Let’s play that game too.
Clowning Around at the Circus Giggle Bean is everyone’s favorite clown at the circus! Everywhere he goes, there’s “Miles of Smiles”. Do you want to be a “Circus Star”? There is the ring master dancing with jolly bears, the pyra- mid of acrobats and flying trapeze. Get ready to walk the tight rope, high up in the sky!
Went to the Zoo Zoo keepers needed! On this adventure, we are going to meet Mrs. Elephant and Mr. Seal. The monkeys are getting bananas, so we will help them to keep out of “Monkey Business”. Watch out for Mr. Skunk, he is a “Little Stinker”!
Animals Dance Too! Hanging with Harvey is groovy fun when we learn the “Hippo Hop”. As our adventure moves down under, we learn the “Dingo Dance” in Australia. Mr. Squirrel wants to join the fun too, but “Oh, Nuts” he can’t remember where he buried his food, but we can help him find it!
Betsy Bunny’s Garden Farmer Joe wants Betsy Bunny out of his garden, but she thinks he planted the garden just for her! As we bounce through the garden let’s grow our own fruits and veggies. “Raindrops” and sunshine help us grow. Pretty soon we can dance through our “Music Rainbow” and learn about its 7 colors.
Bugs & Wiggle Worms What is all the buzz? From bumble bees to butterflies, they all like to dance. Let’s wiggle our way to Mr. Bird’s nest to sing “I Love Worms”. There we will meet Mr. Caterpillar. He tells Mr. Bird & Miss Snake, “You Can’t Catch Me”, until they invite him for dinner. (Gulp!)
Diggity Bone Dinosaur Dinosaurs lived a long time ago but we still have some reptile friends living today. Let’s do the “Diggity Bone” dance then go to Madagas- car to “Echo My Gecko”. After a while, crocodile, we will be dancing with the “Rock n’ Roll Alligator”.
Mr. Mouse’s Nutrition Mission Yum, yum yum! It’s a little “Mouse with an Appetite”. Put on your tip- toes as we help Mr. Mouse sneak into the kitchen at night to find healthy snacks. Let’ help him with this “Snack Attack” so that the “Hunger Monster” in his tummy can go to sleep.
Puppy Love Puppies are so cute! This little puppy’s name is Ed. Sometimes he gets into mischief-oh no, is that the glue? But he wags his little tail and it’s “Puppy Love”. Until one day, he was no where to be found! Kids, can you help by being a “Great Detective” so we can find “My Little Friend”? Don’t forget your magic magnifying glass!
My Silly Imagination
Movies, Let’s Go! Lights, camera, action! “Let’s go to the Movies!” Our imaginations will bring us to the red carpet in bow ties, tuxedos, long, fancy dresses, and tiaras! All kids will be “My Little Star” as we walk onto our imaginary stage to dance and sing for everyone. Look at all of those “Fancy Faces”!
Tickle My Funny Bone! Let’s really get silly. We’ll do the Boogie Woogie Wave, with a fishy on our foot, some cheese on our knees, macaroni on our elbow, and a “Pickle in our Pockets”. The silly things don’t stop there! Guess what we find “Under my Bed”! Is that a red striped giraffe or tap dancing fish waving back at me? The only thing I couldn’t find was my miss- ing shoe! It is the 8th “Wonder” of the world! Will we solve the mys- tery? Or are we too busy giggling?

Beach Party Grab your dancing flip-flops, sunglasses and swim suits! Join this fun “Beach Party” as we dance in the sand. Boogie up and down, then turn around! Dust off that sand and gather around, hear that Reggae sound. This is the party favorite; “Everybody Limbo”.
Happy 4th of July! Happy 4th of July! Celebrate our country’s birthday by “Dancing in the USA”. It started out at Plymouth Rock and now we are the great “Melting Pot”! Standing tall to greet new friends to America is “Lady Liberty”, a gift from the people of France.
Pajama Party It’s a “Pajama Jamorama”! Let’s do the P.J Dance with all of our friends. Even for the kids who say, “I Don’t Wanna Go To Bed” this will make bed-time thoughts fun! Just remember at this pajama party, “Don’t Wake the Mr. Bear”.
A Party Dancing on your Plate It’s the “Soda Shop Hop”! Do the Monkey, do the Swim, do the Chicken and jump right in! Add a little twist and shout then we are ready for some Mexican cuisine! The onion rocks and rolls, the beans jump to the beat! “It’s the Ensalada Lambada”!

Special Friends
I Love my Teddy Bear Teddy Bears love to dance! Bring your special stuffed friend to class to dance along with “Grandma’s Teddy Bear”, Grasshopper Gus will join us with his “Best Friend” Buttercup Bear. And let’s not forget about our famous friend Diamond Duck! With his teddy bear and his blue suede shoes he will keep us dancing for sure!
Castles and Dragons This magical story of Dragon Tamer Scott who helps “Princess Thun- dercloud” and Mr. Dragon is all about friendship! They have “Frog Hoppin Fun” as they explore why Princess is so tired! Soon it is “Goodnight Sleepy Time” for all friends in the Kingdom!

People in my Neighborhood “Guess Who is my Neighbor”! Let’s learn about the many important people in your neighborhood! Get up to dance and sing with Fire- fighter Chris, Police Woman Leigh, Postman Pete, Dan the Garbage Man and more!
My Family Who are the people in your family? Parents, grandparents, siblings, cousins? “Uno Dos Tres” it is time to learn about a family from Spain and their favorite colors, animals and foods in Spanish. Let’s meet another family dancing on their parch learning the “Hoppity Hop” dance. We all have “Someone Special” in our family, remember to tell them, “I Love You”.
Super Heroes Put on your magic superhero cape to dance with “Safety Dave”! He reminds us to look both ways to cross the street & wash your hands before you eat, and he keeps playtime safe for us. Let’s explore some other super heroes, like police officers, fire fighters and para- medics!

Cars, Trucks, Boats & Trains
Goody Gumdrop Pirate Ship Ahoy Mates! Captain Bubblegum sails our ship to Ice Cream Island, even when it is raining chocolate chips. Grab the map! Our “Treasure Hunt” leads us to a buried treasure chest! What are we going to find?
Rocket In the Sky Blast off into outer space with “Rocket Ryan”. Did you think the moon was made of “Green Cheese”? What is gravity and why can we jump so high? Let’s land our rocket ship on the moon and find out.
Transportation Fun Vroom, choo-choo, beep! Many people use cars, trucks, airplanes and trains everyday at work! Let’s explore what makes “Transportation Fun”! Jump in our jumbo jet as we fly “In the Sky”! Turn on your imaginations. What do all of those silly clouds look like? Don’t look now! It’s a “Locomotion Commotion”! Mr. Moose is on the loose in the back of the caboose. Let’s get him back on board the “Music Train”.
School Bus Friends The big yellow school bus is so much fun! Let’s meet our “School Bus Friends” and while we wait for the bus, we can do the “School Time Strut”! Let’s be kind and welcome the new kids so “Everyone Fits In”. Beep-Beep!

Weather Bug Dancing in the rain or dancing in the “Sweet Sunshine” it is all fun! Let’s do some “Dancing with My Shadow”! Sometimes he grows fast and sometimes very slow. After a rainstorm, he loves to dance with me under a “Music Rainbow”. Let’s learn about its 7 colors!
Rainforest Rock n” Roll Let’s do the Rain Dance! We’ll dance up a storm with the “Rainforest Rock n’ Roll”! Get your rain boots, get your hat, and your umbrella too. In the Rainforest, it rains everyday! Let’s jump in puddles and meet some Rainforest Friends! “Polly Parrot” had a very busy day lets repeat the sounds she heard an the dances she did! Of course the monkeys want to join in too, swinging around from tree to tree! So much fun, Rainforest friends and me!
Water-Drip, Drop, Drip Splish-splash, H2O! Water makes playtime fun in the sun! Let’s swim with our dolphin friend Flip. When the clouds come out we can dance “Under my Umbrella”. After splashing in the puddles we had better go home and do the “Bath Time Boogie”!

All About Me!
Giggle till you Jiggle Silly you, silly me! Laughing is so good for you, so let’s “Giggle till we Jiggle”. Speaking of silly, what about our “Belly Button”! That is such a silly name and an even more silly dance! We giggled so much, Mr. Skeleton wanted to join the fun! But he fell into a pile of bones. As we help put him together, one bone is missing. Has anyone seen his “Funny Bone”?
I Can Dance! Dancing is a great way to exercise! Put on your “Magic Dancing Shoes” and your feet will feel the groove. All of my friends “Gotta Boogie”! I’ll dance with you, you’ll dance with me, then everyone will be “Dancing in Harmony”! Get up and get moving , this is toe-tapping FUN for everyone!
Is that a Manner Monster! Don’t be a “Manner Monster” when you’re someone’s guest! These silly, furry guys forget their manners when they come for diner and some dancing. We better invite the “Manner Police” to remind them to act their best. You know the “Magic Word”! (Please!)
I Believe in Me! People come in all shapes, colors and sizes! I know I am great just the way I am! I “Believe in Me” and know if I try my best, I can do anything! I’m “Thankful For” so many things but most of all I’m thankful, just to be me! What are you most proud of?
Happy Hearts Little love bug, sweetie pie, you are the apple of my eye! Love songs about friends and family are fun to sing. Look out for Cupid, he likes singing love songs too! Let’s tell him about the “Things We Love”. Remember to take time to smell the roses, watch the sunrise, make time for friends and family and remember to say, “I love you”!

When I Grow Up
Many Hats! Hats, hats, and more hats! People wear many hats! Baseball, cowboy, pirate, pilot, police, fire fighter, zoo keeper and more! So grab your magic bag of hats and get ready to change them for each dance about the person who wears “that” hat!
When I Grow Up What should I be “When I grow up”? It is an “Occupation Sensation” with all of these choices. “Mommy & Daddy”, a ” Great Detective”, a teacher, doctor, bus driver or dentist. I could even be a cowboy or a pilot!

Fitness Fun Camps
Fitness with Friends “Dancercise Jam” kicks off this class to get us warmed up! The “School Time Strut” works our neck muscles. Exercise can be more fun “With A Friend” just like this song where we stretch our backs. Time for sit ups with our “Tummy Tickler” song! Can you say abdominal? That is phenomenal! Add in run- ning, jumping, arm exercises, leg exercises and everyone is ready for our relaxing cool down song “Butterflies”.
I Love My Heart “My Heart” will get everyone up and moving! Your heart is a muscle that pumps your blood through your body. Leg muscles become stronger with running, jumping, swimming and playing. We will work our Hamstrings while traveling “Around the World” to Germany, France & Spain and our Quadriceps when we visit “London, Paris & Rome”. Add in arm exercises for our biceps and triceps, and our muscles will be feeling strong and healthy!
Three Things for Healthy Kids Healthy kids! There are three things you can do to stay healthy! Get enough exercise, enough sleep, and eat healthy foods! Like in our Fitness warm up song “3Things”. Dancing is a great way, so let’s “Dance It!”. Some kids don’t like to go to sleep but then they are too crabby to have fun the next day. Just like the kid in this stretching song, “I Don’t Wanna Go To Bed”, who realizes she can dream about the fun things she’ll do when she wakes up rested! Lastly, remember that part of eating well is drinking lots of water, like our song “I Love the Water”. Everyone will need a glass of water after all of this exercise!

Cheerleading Camps
Cheer Leading-Dance It! Move, Dance, Cheer! Our cheer team will focus on friendship and kindness as we cheer for each other! Camp starts with a fun warm up for our muscles. We will learn cheers and chants. We will also bring pom-poms for the kids to use for our cheer team dance called “Dance It!”
Cheer Leading-Team Spirit Team Spirit is here! We’ve got the spirit, how about you? Working as a team is important stuff! Kids help us name our cheer team! Stretching is an important part of any sport, so our class kicks off with a warm up. Let’s work together learn- ing cheers and chants about our team spirit. Kids can use our pom-poms for this team building camp!
Cheer Leading-Twist & Shout Shake it up! Everyone loves using pom-poms! So give them a twist and let out a shout! This team spirit is going to come out! After a fun warm up, kids learn chants, cheers and a team dance. With some great teamwork, the kids will also help to make up their own team cheer. That’s the spirit!

Price Chart

Number Of Camps Cost Per Camp
1-2 Camps $75
3-5 Camps $70
6-8 Camps $65
9+ Camps $60
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