Dancercise Kids – Pre-School Dance Curriculum

Dance Curriculum For Teachers, Dance Studios and Fitness Centers

Learning dance the fun way with this original and entertaining curriculum!

Dancercise Kids is the proven, practical way to teach young children the core elements of jazz, tap, ballet and creative movements.  Far from your run-of-the-mill dance programs, the Dancercise Kids curriculum is fresh, original and designed from the ground up for young children.  It's perfect for you if you:

  •     need to add a competitive edge to your studio introductory program
  •     want to start your own mobile dance program for pre-schools and child care centers
  •     need to enhance your fitness center with a proven dance program that your own instructors can teach

With original music, professional video training, and thorough written choreography and lesson plans in jazz, tap, ballet, fitness, creative movements and tumbling, Dancercise Kids has almost everything you need. Just Add Kids!

Subscribe now and get instant access to two months' worth of curriculum - that means original music, online video demonstrations and printable choreography for:

  • two fitness warm-up numbers
  • two jazz numbers
  • two tap numbers
  • two ballet numbers
  • two creative movement numbers
  • two tumbling examples

Along with sign language and lesson hints and tips!

Subscribe now and be teaching this curriculum tomorrow - it's that easy!

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Still not sure?  Check out the sample video by completing this form then download the choreography and use it with our compliments!

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Have a fitness center and need something for those young kids?  Start right now - surprise and delight parents with this wonderful, healthy curriculum for pre-school kids, and you can get started with our logo and brand to help you. You can have access to this curriculum right now.

Does your child care center need something new and original?  You can bring this right into the classroom.  Any teacher with a basic understanding of dance or fitness can teach this.  We make it so easy for you.  Watch the video, read the choreography, then play the song while you teach the kids.  You'll be up and running in no time!

Not sure if this is the curriculum for you?  You can check out lots of other options.  If you're looking to start a pre-school dance business you can invest $20,000 in a franchise, or you could start today with our premium membership that provides you with almost everything you could need: a logo and brand, original curriculum and loads of advice and tips on starting and running this business.

You can buy lots of individual videos, find the songs, write the choreography - and weeks later, you will still be putting it together, or you could join now and be teaching tomorrow.

Why is it so simple?  Frankly, because we've done it.  This wasn't created in a vacuum somewhere - this program and all of the advice and guidance on this site are the product of many years of actually doing it.  We've made the mistakes, learned the lessons and packaged it all up for you, at an unbelievably low price.  You can cancel anytime.  You have nothing to lose!

Here's why:

  • Complete    Music, training DVDs and choreography all packaged together and co-ordinated.  Just watch and go.
  • Comprehensive    Fitness, Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Creative Movements - it's all here, in one place.  No more threading together different songs and routines - it's all in one simple to use package.
  • Original    No rehashed nursery rhymes here!  Upbeat, fun songs recorded and produced by professional musicians.  The parents and the teachers love this music as much as the kids!
  • Proven    Over 100,000 children have experienced this curriculum from Minnesota to Malaysia and Texas to Tanzania - it works!
  • Cost-Effective    You can see payback in as little as one month by just adding a few extra students to your program.

Alternatively, you can put together your own pre-school program (because you'll have lots of time, right?). Perhaps get some instructional videos from somewhere. Maybe pick up some of that music that's out there (and remember to pay your ASCAP and BMI Licenses!). You can spend days or weeks putting together choreography and trying to
get into the mind of a 3 year old. If this is your idea of fun, then
have a blast. Otherwise, you can start today.

Trusted Worldwide

Dancercise Kids curriculum is used and trusted by dance teachers the world over.  Kids are learning Dancercise from Mississippi to Malaysia and Texas to Tanzania. Join the global family that is Dancercise and bring your dance classes to a new level!