Dancercise Kids Membership Levels And Benefits

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This article shows, in summary, what features and benefits are available to each level of membership in the Dancercise Kids membership site.  You may find it useful to consult this article on how to choose the right level of membership.


included Included in Membership Fee additional cost Available to Members at this level for an additional fee Not Included Not available to Members at this level
Feature Description Professional Professional Plus Premium
Monthly Subscription
Cancel Anytime
$19.95 $29.95 $49.95
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Listen to Dancercise Kids music Listen online to Dancercise Kids music and watch activity videos Included Included Included
Watch Curriculum Training Videos View instructor training videos that help you teach the curriculum Included Included Included
Download Music Files as mp3 Download the Dancercise Kids music to your iPod or other player Included Included Included
Download Choreography Lesson Plans as PDF Access the written choreography as a PDF document that you can view online or print Included Included Included
Access Teaching Hints and Tips Articles, podcasts and videos helping you be a better Dancercise Kids teacher Included Included Included
Access Member Forum Participate in the member forums, exchanging ideas and experience with other Dancercise Kids teachers Included Included Included
Teacher Support Materials Documents you can view and print to help improve your Dancercise Kids lesson plans Included Included Included
50+ Articles For Running A Pre-School Dance Business Articles, podcasts and videos to help you run a pre-school dance business, including handling employees, growing your business, and managing your financials Additional Included Included
100+ Articles For Creating A Pre-School Dance Business Helping you start a pre-school dance business from scratch - perfect alternative to an expensive and limited franchise Additional Additional Included
Download Customizable Template Documents Download Microsoft Office template versions of proven marketing and business documents that you can customize to your business Additional Included Included
Attend Best Practice Web Seminars Attend regular online seminars to help you perfect your business and teaching approach Additional Included Included
License to Use Dancercise Kids Logo and Name Take advantage of our intuitive name, logo and established brand to help you grow your business Not Included Included Included
Monthly Support via E-Mail Let our experienced instructors and executives help you teach and grow your business via e-mail questions Not Included 3 Per Month Unlimited
Get Personal Telephone Support Take advantage of one-on-one personal counseling via telephone - get all of your questions answered Additional Additional Included
Store Discount Get a discount from products sold on our online store 20% 20% 20%
Affiliate Commission Earn money while you sleep when your customers buy from our online store through your affiliate link 20% 35% 50%