Curriculum Frequently Asked Questions For Licensees

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1. What is Dancercise Kids curriculum?

2. Why should I buy a curriculum when I can create my own?

3. There are lots of curriculum videos, choreography and music out there. Why buy yours?

4. This curriculum seems expensive. I’m used to seeing things that cost $50-$100.

5. What do I get for my investment?

6. Can I use the Dancercise Kids name and logo?

7. Who’s using this curriculum today?

8. When can I get the curriculum?

9. I’d like to talk to someone a bit more about this before I buy. Can I call you?

10. How can I pay?

11. Can I sell the music to my kids’ parents?

12. Can I use the curriculum with a mobile program?

13. Can I make copies of the curriculum?

14. Can I upload the curriculum to my computer?

15. Is this curriculum professionally recorded?

16. How is the curriculum organized?

17. Am I purchasing or licensing this curriculum?

18. How long will it take me to get my investment back?

19. How do you know this works?

20. Can you help me turn this into a business?

21. Is this a franchise?